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The International Sport Lawyers Association (ISLA) is the worldwide association of sports lawyers. After years of core activities within Europe, ISLA has continuously expanded its scope to become a truly international organization.

ISLA’s lawyers specialize in a wide variety of legal fields:

  • National and international legal principles underlying sports
  • Law of clubs/associations
  • Law of clubs/associations and statutory law of sports organizations
  • Particularities of corporate law, anti-trust law and tax law
  • Legal relations between athletes and associations
  • Employment and labor law in sport
  • Liability law and insurance law in sport
  • Sponsorship and commercialization relating to sport
  • Doping and sanctions in sport
  • Criminal law in sport
  • Sports and the media
  • National and international sports jurisdiction and arbitration

ISLA has built up a close network of specialists who share and continuously update their expertise, thus creating synergies on a national and international level. Close international cooperation is imperative, since in our day and time, sport has become a universal, world-embracing network. This internationality and the resulting legal issues call for continuous research in order to keep abreast of new developments.

ISLA lawyers offer their legal expertise in even the most specialized aspects of sports law with utmost commitment and professionalism. This is why they represent such a wide variety of interest groups. Due to the different legal systems, ISLA’s lawyers are in close contact with their colleagues in the respective country of litigation to ensure an optimum representation of their case.

Our Goals

Evolving the law, supporting the lawyer and taking the lead.

ISLA’s goals and its comprehensive range of services are as follows:

  • Promoting cooperation among lawyers within the ISLA network – nationally and internationally
  • Hosting seminars and discussions on different aspects of sports law and current sports events
  • Providing a platform for the constructive exchange of ideas for all people affiliated with sports in any way
  • Continuous advancement of sports law with a focus on legal problem-solving strategies
  • Assistance in locating and arranging the services of a suitable lawyer
  • Active collaboration with relevant institutions


Prof. Dr. Anne Jakob
President, Academic Relationship

Paola Vallarino
Administrative Coordinator


Robert Dingli
Board Member

Valeryia Lukhverchyk
Social Media Manager


Prof. Dr. Maurizio Cohen

Nicoló Juglair
Board Member

Dr. Peter Ouart
Board Member


Connected to some of the highly esteemed organizations in world sports

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