J. Kornbeck comments on the decision of the European Commission in the article “ISU case decided: Loyalty clauses as antitrust infringement”

J. Kornbeck / Brussels comments in an article in the journal Sport and Law “ISU case decided: Loyalty clauses as antitrust infringement” the most recent decision of the European Commission of 08.12.2017 to the antitrust appeal of the Dutch speed skaters M. Tuitert and N. Kerstholt: The International Ice Skating Union (ISU) has sanctioned the two athletes for […]

Magic Mountain Versus German Alpine Association (Deutscher Alpenverein)

Does the Federal Government violate European competition law in accordance with Art. 107 e. s. AEUV if it financially supports a non-profit sports club in its task of health and social policy in the context of governmental tasks? The background. A company based in Berlin, Magic Mountain, operates a commercial climbing indoor center claims that […]

Commercial providers of sports competitions come in conflict with the sport associations

More and more, sports competitions are offered by commercial entrepreneurs and not by the sports federations, such as running competitions, or privately organized tournaments of various sports. Can sports associations, subject to their autonomy and their own statutes, issue permits, demand fees or even impose sanctions? Inconsistency of law: This is the view of LG […]