Taylor Rose Australia


Expertise:Anti-Doping, Antitrust Law, Competition Law, Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Discrimination issues, Dispute Resolution, Employment Law, Gambling Law, Intellectual Property, Law of Association, Liability Law, Media/New Media, Sponsorship, Tax Law, Tort Law


Paddy lives in Australia and represents and advises sporting bodies, athletes and companies in all aspects of sports law. He advocates at tribunals, negotiates sponsorships and drafts, negotiates and enforces contracts. He has worked with high profile athletes, large sporting bodies and international companies. He also enjoys working with athletes who are developing their careers and sporting organisations that are growing their base.

Paddy has significant involvement personally in the Sports industry as a professional cricket umpire and coach. He also Chairs a Cricket Board and is a member of various sporting tribunals and judiciaries. Paddy also is involved in other areas of corporate life as President of a listed mining company and he sits on a  range of boards across business, sport and charities.